Open Call: Haley Elizabeth Anderson

JUN 19 – AUG 25, 2019
A film and photography installation weaving images and sound gathered from the pre-production of two feature films

About this commission

Gulf Tones is a film and photography installation that weaves images and sound gathered from pre-production processes of two feature films. Born out of a street casting experience for a Terrence Malick project, Gulf Tones features images of research and memory tied to the Gulf Coast Region.
Haley Elizabeth Anderson is a visual artist and writer working in Brooklyn.

Location and dates

This event takes place in Level 2 Gallery.


Special thanks to Jenn Ruff, James William Blades, Anne Hubbell, Anthony Janelli, Samuel Anderson, Lasse Tolbøll, Jomo Fray, Vickie Boone, Blair McClendon, Sandy and Tori Wolsefer, Renata Cherlise, and Lauren Cargo.