McNally Jackson at The Shed
The Shed's shop, McNally Jackson at The Shed, includes tables piled with books and a wall of shelves lined with books. In the center of the space are four armchairs arranged in the corners of a rug to create a space for resting and socializing. The shop is lit by daylight streaming in through floor to ceiling glass windows on the left and soft globe-like light fixtures hanging from the ceiling.
Books lining four shelves along a wall in a bookstore
A bookstore with books lining a table and a column with shelves. A person peruses books on the shelves.

About McNally Jackson at The Shed

McNally Jackson at The Shed is a new arts-focused shop from the beloved independent bookseller. The shop features a deep catalogue of books responding to The Shed’s arts programming, with selections of international literature in translation, contemporary poetry and essays, continental philosophy, issues and politics, and art and art theory. The shelves also include artist and staff recommendations from The Shed’s artists, curators, and Program team.

Members at the Shed Builder level and above receive a 10% discount at McNally Jackson at The Shed.

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