Open Call: Kim Brandt

JUN 19 – AUG 25, 2019
A series of performances and drawings exploring our understanding of difference

About this commission

Corners is a new work that explores how interstitial space defines our understanding of difference. A series of drawings and performances, the work considers how unique entities can relate to one another upon a meeting place. How is the space between negotiated, and how does the surface upon which our bodies move inform our direction? By enabling the body’s motion as a tool for mark making—on paper, across a floor or through a site—Corners seeks the potential that bodily movement has to build structure, proliferate forms and measure time. Created with process based approach, the performances and drawings explore how disparate entities can both retain autonomy and constitute part of a collective whole.

Performed by Martita Abril, Liz Charky, Meg Clixby, Jessica Cook, Courtney Cooke, Leslie Cuyjet, Katie Dean, Greer Dworman, Ayano Elson, Lydia Okrent, Anna Adams Stark, and Nora Stephens.

Kim Brandt is an artist living in Queens who works in choreography.

Location and dates

This event takes place in Level 2 Gallery.

Performances for this work will take place in the gallery on the following dates:

Wednesday, June 19 at 5 pm
Friday, August 2 at 6 pm
Saturday, August 17 at 6 pm

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