Audio Tour

How to Listen

Thank you for joining us for this audio walking tour exploring the July 1863 race riots in NYC as well as the power of Black resilience.

To begin the tour, click on the first thumbnail photo in the image gallery below, labeled “Fighting Dark.”

Once inside the image gallery, you will meet your guide, Kamau Ware, and be able to:

  • Play each stop’s audio track with the gray control bar at the bottom of your browser window
  • Read a transcript of the audio track by scrolling down beneath the image
  • Navigate between stops on the tour by tapping the arrows at the top of the screen

You’ll also find a link to a Google map of each stop within the image gallery, or you may download this PDF for a printable map of the tour.

Production Credits

Written & narrated by Kamau Ware

Hopi Noel Morton and Kamau Ware, Producers
Kei Williams, Associate Producer

Music by Jason Minnis a.k.a. ClassicBeatz

© Kamau Ware, 2020. Commissioned by The Shed. This work is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license.

To cite this work, please use this information as a guide:
Fighting Dark audio walking tour, 2020. Written and narrated by Kamau Ware. Produced by Hopi Noel Morton and Kamau Ware with associate producer Kei Williams. Commissioned by The Shed, New York.

Part of a Program

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An audio walking tour and video exploring NYC’s July 1863 race riots and the power of Black resilience

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