JUL 12 – AUG 16
A celebration of hip hop’s living legacy, with free performances Friday evenings


Summer Sway is free and open to the public. Free ticket reservations are encouraged but not required.

The Summer Sway installation on the Plaza is open all week, with performances Fridays from 5 pm to sunset.

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About this program

Join us for Summer Sway as DJs, musical artists, dancers, and other performers take over The Shed’s outdoor Plaza in July and August, creating community through the joy and liberation we find in music and dance.

We’re celebrating the roots of hip hop and digging into the artforms and styles it has inspired, from breaking and graffiti to DJing and MCing. On Friday evenings, some of the city’s fiercest DJs, dance collectives, and artists will bring a party to the Plaza with free performances centering queer, trans, and BIPOC community-based and community-born art. Artists and collectives will include José Parlá, Clave Y Cuba, and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas, Papi Juice, Soul Summit, Ladies of Hip-Hop, and other special guests.

Every day of the week, explore our public art installation—including a playlist, a graffiti artwork by QuOne, and a timeline of hip hop’s living history by Rakia Seaborn—that highlights the movement’s global social impact. The installation was produced by Neon Fab Studios.

West Side Fest

The performance on Friday, July 12 (artist to be announced) is part of West Side Fest, a celebration of arts and culture on the West Side of Manhattan organized by the West Side Cultural Network. Learn more about West Side Fest.


JUL 12
West Side Fest
Artist to be announced

JUL 19
Papi Juice

JUL 26
Artist to be announced

Ladies of Hip-Hop

Soul Summit

AUG 16
José Parlá
Clave Y Cuba
Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

A rendering of an installation artwork that includes a central circular stage and low, bleacher-like seating that encircles the stage. The stage is decorated with a swirl of bright green, yellow, and blue colors.
About the Installation

Summer Sway’s Plaza installation, titled Reverb, represents a layering of many ideas, artistic contributions, and collaborative iterations. The form mimics a sound wave visualization, with the various arced elements evoking the wave as it expands and reverberates from a central source. Here, instead of a burst of sound, the energy emanates from a central dance floor. The installation includes seating for an audience to take in the activity around them, not only this summer’s music and dancing but a timeline of hip hop’s history engraved in the installation’s elements that encircle the dance floor, as well. This multidimensional presentation of sculpture, sound, movement, and history celebrates the evolution of hip hop and breaking, tracing the past into the present in NYC, where hip hop was born.

Produced by Alec Burney and Sean Billy Kizy (Neon Fab Studios) and fabricated by Fabhaus Beacon Inc. Rendering courtesy Neon Fab Studios.

Installation Creative Team

A headshot of Sean Billy Kizy, a queer Middle Eastern American, who has curly hair that falls over their forehead and is shaved close on the sides. Sean smiles broadly without opening their mouth, and has a beard. Sean wears a deep blue collared shirt and looks directly at us.
Sean Billy Kizy. Photo: The Artist. Courtesy Sean Billy Kizy.
Sean Billy Kizy
A portrait of graffiti artist Qu One seen from the shoulders up against a dark background. Qu One is a white man with short salt and pepper hair. He wears glasses looking intently, directly at us. He wears a gray tshirt.
Courtesy Qu One.
Qu One
Sean Billy Kizy
Sean Billy Kizy, RA, is a queer Middle Eastern American artist, architect, and large-scale art fabrication specialist. They founded Neon Fab Studios to support artists to realize their work on a large-scale while expanding their personal community driven artistic practice.
Qu One
A Bronx native, Qu One has been writing graffiti for over 30 years, and also makes music as Qu.One. Qu One was born in the late ‘70s and grew up in the Bronx, home of the famous “Morris Park Crew” graffiti crew. It was a classic NYC “melting pot” neighborhood, where everyone’s parents came from other places and kids roamed the streets. After seeing graffiti everywhere growing up and trying it out for himself, he was hooked. Qu One sprayed his first paint tag at 12 and hasn’t looked back. Fine tuning his craft, he has made friends globally and is part of worldwide graffiti crews such as KTC, IMOK, TFS, and SW. You can also find Qu.One on all streaming platforms, as he also produces original music in various styles.
Rakia Seaborn

Program Credits

Shed Program Team
Dejá Belardo, Assistant Curator, Civic Programs and Visual Arts
Darren Biggart, Director of Civic Programs
Christal Ferreira, Program Manager, Civic Programs and Visual Arts
Ben Young, Production Manager
Chris Genovese, Production Manager, Events/Rentals
Production Credits
The installation was produced by Neon Fab Studios.


The Shed’s Plaza is wheelchair accessible. For questions or other requests, visit the Accessibility page, email accessibility@theshed.org, or call (646) 455-3494.

Location and dates

This event takes place in the Plaza.

July 12 – August 16
The Summer Sway installation on the Plaza is open all week, with performances Fridays, 5 pm to sunset.

The Shed’s Plaza is located on the east side of The Shed, where the High Line meets Hudson Yards at 30th Street. It is also accessible via Hudson Yards Public Square. View The Shed on a map.

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